Battenberg Lace,

is a revitalized form of tape lace stemming from the 16th century with hand made tapes in various bobbin lace and needlelace styles, gained popularity in the latter part of the 19th century with the invention of machine made tapes which spurred into popularity by Queen Victoria creating a duchy for her daughter's new husband, the Duke of Battenberg. Since every dutchy in England had it's own style of lace a new style of tape lace was created to honor the Duke and his Princess called Battenberg lace which became all the rage. Easy to make with ready made machine tapes (instead of making tapes by hand) the style incorporated techniques from other types of tape lace. The books we carry all reflect the most popular designs of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Battenberg and Point Lace Book, Nellie Clarke Brown, Edited By Jules & Kaethe Kliot.

Battenberg lace utilizes a premade tape in this popular needle lace technique. This republication of the 1912 "Priscilla Battenberg and Point Lace Book" is the most complete Battenberg Lace book currently available with a full description of over 100 stitches and a catalog of over 100 traditional lace designs from the 1900's, that are easy to reproduce. Includes collars, handkerchiefs, curtains, table linens, tie ends and decorative motifs. 64pgs.

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Needle Lace - Studies in Modern Lace-Making - 1896-1898 - $29.00

Originally published as Volumes of metropolitan Art Seris by The Butterick Publishing Company - taken from the pages of Delineator magazine. Gives the history of battenburg lace, examples of lace tapes (some of which are still available) and additions to the lace, the different stitches used in the making of the lace, and examples of the lace made. Lots and lots of pictures but no patterns BUT it's easy to do with the pictures included. A big thick book which is advertised as the most complete and authoritative resource.

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Battenberg Lace Pattern Book - edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot

Here is a wonderful resource of designs from the heyday of Battenberg Lace of the late Victorian early Edwardian eras. Included are basic directions for making lace, how to shape and stitches that are used as well as a brief section on making the stitches with your sewing machine. Also included is a section of the different types of lace tapes used to make this style of needlelace (some are still available today). You won't find any drawn out patterns but lots of designs that you can blow up with a copy machine.

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Interlace in Lace - Judith Marquis    $18.00

If you are tired of the look of lace scallops on hems or straight bands of lace but want to experiment with some basic heirloom sewing then this is the book for you. Judith Marquis is a very talented Canadian who has published many of her original designs in various sewing magazines. She is also the designer of the Grace Knott Christening Ensemble. This book explores using sculptured lace designs which go beyond the simple basic shapes that so many of us tend to get stuck in. She has samples of lace shaping on garments where you would least expect them. The designs included are very elegant, celtic and beautiful. Also included are excellent instructions for applying lace to ready-made garments. A must have book for those who love the look of heirloom sewing but who are not into frou frou. The patterns can also be used for Battenberg Lace.

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Il Pizzo Rinascimento #2, Mani Di Fata - $20.00

You've asked for patterns and here is a wonderful booklet from Italy filled with battenberg lace projects incliuding collars, jackets. table pieces and pocket using pre-made machine tapes and hand crocheted tape. Includes transfer patterns. Italian text but the illustrations are self-explanatory.

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Needle Laces, Battenberg, Point and Reticella - $16.00

A valuable how-to and resource on late 19th century tape and needle lace techniques including applique on tulle (netting). Contains a wide range of contemporary designs from that era and a catalog of over 120 available heirloom patterns from the late 19th century. While these patterns are small you can enlarge them easily to size.

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Battenburg Lace Tapes - sold by hanks of 25yds,

These tapes are no longer in production, grab them while you can.

8mm Linen Tape - White 25yds
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DMC#151 Cordonnet #40 - White/Ecru - $3.65 per ball
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