"Bishop Dress Patterns We Carry."

The bishop dress is one of the staple designs in the smocking world. You really can't go wrong in making one for your little girl. There are so many variations possible depending upon the fabric you use from fancy to a regular dress. For older girls the waisted and dropwaist bodice styles are especially flattering as well as the smocked bishop blouse.

Patterns which have multi-sizes in one package, either dresses or bubbles.

Children's Corner Patterns

CCP#3 Bishop
Girls: NB-24mos or - 3-6yr

The Bishop dress is smocked all the way around the neck. Short, long and ruffle sleeves are included. Dress may be buttoned in back or front. Long gown pattern is included. Pattern has smocking design and instructions.

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Creations by Miche

CM#143 Bishop - Newborn-5yrs

The classic bishop dress sized newborn to 5 years all in one pattern.

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Patterns which come in two size ranges

Ellen McCarn's The Ultimate Bishop Dress 
Two sizes: Small 3mos - 4 and Large 5-12.
Each pattern is $12.00.

The instruction booklet included has over 140 illustrations and complete instructions for Pleating, 7 Sleeve Variations, Scalloped Hem, Heirloom Machine Sewing techniques and an adjustable smocking design graph "Marie". Also includes instructions for making an insert collar out of contrast fabric.  Ellen's instructions are the best, every step is detailed and illustrated in a clear and concise manner that is to be expected by a master smocking designer.

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Chery Williams
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(click on image to see line drawings of all the variations)

CW Bishop Two Size Ranges: 2-6 years; 6-12 years
Your style choices are:
  • Sleeveless overlay collar dress
  • Angel sleeve dress
  • Short sleeve dress
  • Long sleeve dress
  • Short sleeve Blouse/Dropwaist Bodice
  • Long sleeve Blouse/Dropwaist Bodice
  • Button-down the front or or back or placket closure.

Price $14.00
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CW#104/105 Bishop Bubble $14.00
Two sizes:  Infants 3-24 months or Size 2-6

(Click on image to see yardage and views.)

Six smocked bishop bubbles to choose from to make as fancy or as plain as you like. Your choice of wing (angel) sleeves, short sleeves or wing/short sleeve combination. Buttons down the back or front.

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Creative Keepsakes

CK#200 Bishop Trio

Bubble, Romper and Dress
Infants: 3-18months (includes preemie size gown); Girls: 2-5
(Bishop to size 8)

Price $13.00
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Pat Garretson's New Bishop Dress & Bonnet

Two sizes:  Small 6mo - 3 and Medium 4-6

Each pattern has individually graded sized (wow such a perfectionist - guaranteed to fit). There are nine views to choose from and each view has 4-5 different variations, and two bonnets are included for individual sizing: Small, Medium and Large to protect those tender heads from the burning sunlight and harmful U.V. Rays. Also included are 4 smocking designs and 2 shadow work embroidery designs. Along with complete instructions on how to do just about everything you would ever want to know. All this for - Wow!

Price $14.50
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Bishop patterns for Infants

Karen Faylor Designs

KF04 Geneva Baby Daygowns Infant-6mo

Two wonderful baby daygowns by Jane Soffos from the 1980's redesigned for 2010 by Karen Faylor. The bishop daygown includes a christening gown pattern, as well. Traditional bishop styling or area for embroidery or embroidered tab front. The square yoke daygown is smocked on front and back. Also includes square yoke dress and christening gown. Embroidery designs, smocking plate included. Fits size Infant to 6mo.

Price $15.00
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Creations by Miche'

CBM 142 Bishop Bubble - Sizes nb-6mo

The Bishop Bubble features smocking around the yoke and a simple neckband. The pattern offers either short smocked or angel sleeves that may be trimmed with lace. View A, closes in the back with a placket, loops and buttons, while View B, buttons all the way down the front. The pattern also includes a simple smocking design for the bubble and sleeves.

Price $12.00
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Chery Williams

CW#101 Baby Bishop
Sizes 3-24mo
Click on image to see yardage and views.

One of our most popular patterns for baby (along with the Baby Square Yoke dress), and rightly so. Everything you need to make a bishop for your baby in the following styles:

  • Angel sleeve daydress
  • Short sleeve daydress
  • Long sleeve daydress
  • Angel sleeve daygown
  • Angel short sleeve daygown
  • Long sleeve daygown
  • Short sleeve sacque
  • Long sleeve sacque
  • Diaper Shirt
You will need a smock and block guide for the bishop neckline as one is not included in the pattern. (Smock and Block Guide)

Price $14.00
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Bishop Neckline Guide

HERE IS an essential notion for making the perfect bishop neckline.  This guide is on pellon which you can attach to a wooden hoop or pin it to corkboard.  Once you see how important it is to have a form to follow for the width of the neckline you will never even consider attempting a bishop dress without one.  This guide is also perfect for heirloom sewing for making scallops in either lace or trace off onto your collar fabric to embroider a scalloped edging either by hand or machine.

Ellen McCarn's new Smock and Block Guide $7.50  

Bishop, Yoke & Collar Guide is a versatile aid to use from the start to finishing of the smocked garment, but it Bishop or Yoke, Collar or Insert.  Neckline sizings are from 18" doll, Preemie/Newborn up to Adult.  Actual size is 14" x 14".  Also included is a Scallop Guide for Hems and Collars  for scallop sizes 1", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2" & 4".

The fabric is a heavy weight and durable non-woven pressed fiber that is stretch-resistant. It can be pinned on or basted to.  Put it in an embroidery hoop for smocking on the guide if desired (but it's recommended that you hold your smocking in your hands unattached from the guide as the guide will last longer). Instructions are included.

Price $7.50
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