Our 32nd Year!!
Welcome to our Embroidered Garden of items we carry including:
smocking, heirloom sewing, silk ribbon embroidery and more!

Items We Carry

Children's Books
Embroidery Floss
French Laces, Tatting & Swiss Embroideries

Little Labels

Sew-on Pearls

People & Dolls
Mini Piping
Pleaters & Pleater Needles
Ready to Smock Outfits & Pre-pleated Inserts
Silk Ribbons
Smocking Plates

Brand New!!!

Waldorf Style Flower Fairy Kits made from Felt

72 colors of 8 1/2" x 11" Wool Felt Sheets

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Garden Fairies Trading Company (a complete smocking supply source) was created in 1986 in dedication to bringing you the finest imported and domestic fabrics, French Laces, Swiss Embroideries, Ribbons, Trims & Buttons, Silk Ribbons and Silk Floss we can find.   Scroll down to see everything we carry below the quick links of our most frequently visited pages. If you need help gives us a call or email, we'll respond shortly.

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Beginner to Smocking?

Raw beginner to smocking or web-catalogs? Do you need assistance in getting started?

"Creativity is so important to the spirit of joy within woman and man no matter what age ...
Do something that truly makes you happy and joy will follow.
Close the door to the whole world and just START!!!!!"  -  Crown Princess Lilianne

Interesting Things about Smocking

Pleaters, pleating supplies & Smocking Notions

Buttons, Wool Felt, Embellishments

Norwegian Pewter Buttons and Clasps
Mother of Pearl Buttons
Wool Felt
Hand Painted Porcelain Doll Buttons
Hand Painted Porcelain Buttons
Hand Painted Porcelain Embellishments

Pre-pleated items


Smocking, Heirloom Sewing and Embroidery, Costume,
Dolls, Fabric Design. Smocking & Pleating DVD & Embroidery CDs

Magazines from Down Under, the USA and Spain

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Books & Supplies

Goodies for Dolls

Sewing Fabrics

We carry the finest quality fabrics for your sewing needs


Smocking, Heirloom Sewing & Art to Wear Clothing Patterns We Carry
(click on link to see images of pattern companies)

Heirloom Sewing Patterns

Art to Wear Patterns

Our New Non Smocked Designer Patterns for Children

Pintucks & Petticoats Pattern Company
Oliver S+ Pattern Company
The Pink Fig
Izzy and Ivy
Handmade Dress Patterns/Crocheted Booties
Children's Corner
Cottage Mama

Pattern Designers by Page - Not Just Smocking

Other Goodies That We Carry

Themed & Counterchange and Gingham Smocking Design Plates

Counterchange and Gingham Smocking Plates

Smocking Plates by Designers


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