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Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies in Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork

By Di van Niekerk of South Africa, well known silk ribbon embroideress. Such a pretty book filled with lots of pretty pictures of silk ribbon embellished pictures of the flower fairies that have been so popular in the past 20 years. Within it's pages you'll find instructions for completing five Flower Fairies (prints available just ask) of the Periwinkle Fairy, Black Medick Fairies, White Clover Fairy, Stork's Bill Fairy and the Red Clover Fairy. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions will show you how to embroidery the pretty flowers and leaves in silk and organza ribbon; use organza and silky threads to make the fairies delicate stumpwork wings; make applique' leaves and petals using organza and silk ribbon; create charming stumpwork insects; dress the fairies in layers of organza and embroider their hair; make the fairies; clothing in long and short stitch; create 3-dimensional designs using color, texture and shapes. An all around fun book to have around.

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Mastering Shadow Embroidery by Wendy Schoen

At last, the definitive book on shadow embroidery that we all have been waiting for. Wendy is a master embroideress and pattern maker. Her pattern company is called Petite Poche which has some of the most delightful reproductions of antique garments you have ever seen. This book is the step by step guide for everything you need to know about shadow work. Stitchers of all levels will be able to achieve stunning results with Wendy's favorite tools, tips and techniques. There are clear illustrations that help you see before you stitch and beautiful photographs that highlight stitch details and classic garments. Also included are design templates with complete stitch guides AND two patterns, a girl's dress and boy's romper patterns sizes 1-6 with construction how-tos.

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Embroidery for All Seasons - Diana Lampe

If you missed out on her first two wonderful books then grab this one while you can. This beautiful book combines the very popular Embroidered Garden Flowers and More Embroidered Garden Flowers and includes the new 'Cardinal Rose Garden'.

Exquisite embroidered garden flower designs showing the four seasons, all brought vividly to life with stitches and colors that truly reflect the flowers being worked. Includes complete flower samplers and a lovely selection of projects showing the embroidered flowers used in a variety of combinations and styles.

Jeannie B's Book of Heirloom Embroidery
Designs and Stitches

An embroiderer's dream book filled with Jeannie's original embroidery designs with a complete how-to stitch dictionary.

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Diana Lampe's Embroidery from the Garden - $24.95 - Hardback

A beautiful book from Australia's premier embroideress filled with 50 new South Africa flowers designed in two beautiful embroidered gardens: The Protea Garden and the Strelitzia Garden.  Both in a garland and sampler style featuring flowers on beautiful gifts and household items.  

Diana has again taken great care to perfect the flowers and they are all beautifully, realistically and artistically rendered.  The colors have been carefully matched and the stitches chosen to recreate the true form of each flower.  Included is a comprehensive flower and stitch glossary with clear drawings indicating exactly the stitches required for each flower as well as each embroidered flower shown in color and detail. 

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A to Z of Bead Embroidery - $19.95

Another wonderful edition to the A to Z series by Country Bumpkin.  Called an essential guide for beginners and experienced needleworkers, this edition covers the world of bead embroidery with 30 beautiful designs from around the world to make as well as over 440 step-by-step photographs of all the techniques associated with bead embroidery.  Also included is a wonderful section of beaded fringe which can be applied to anything your heart desires including smocked ornaments.  Techniques covered include Attaching a single see or cylinder bead, a pair of beads, attaching multiple beads, circle of beads, beadpoint, sequins and tambour work.  If you have ever drooled over the projects in Inspirations magazine and wanted more than this is the book for you.

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Blackwork Made Easy - Lesley Wilkins  $19.95

Includes techniques, patterns and samplers. Blackwork is a counted thread method of embroidery. It's roots trace back to the 13th century when Arabic and Moorish people traveled to Europe for trade. Catherine of Aragon is credited in bringing the artform to England which sparked a craze seen in portraits by Holbein and others. It even was worked on pleated material in the Renaissance period (see painting by Durer) but that technique seemed to be short lived.

This book gives you all the tools, tips and techniques needed to get you started on your journey or to add to your collection of designs.

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A to Z Thread Painting - $19.95

The most comprehensive book on the beautiful art of Thread Painting. Go beyond regular satin stitch and start embroidering beautiful art on your clothing. Learn the tricks to perfection. The ultimate resource for beginners and experienced embroiderers. Over 180 step-by-step photographs and 26 fabulous designs from the world's best embroiderers.

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Beautiful Embroidered Quilts - out of print, one copy left

Six beautiful quilts to embroider and make designed by six of Australia's most talented embroiderers, including Susan O'Connor and Julie Graue, these beautiful quilts combine the best of both quilting and embroidery.

The 400 step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions will bring these masterpieces within reach - whether you're starting a new tradition, or continuing an old one! You'll also find full size pattern and construction diagrams to help form these quilts and learn 32 stitches and techniques!

This beautiful book is sprinkled with fascinating tidbits and 'did you knows' and is filled with hints to help you each step of the way.

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