"Inspirations Magazine"

If you haven't already seen Inspirations you should know that each issue is in full color with detailed photographs that explain each and every embroidery technique with step by step directions.  Inspirations Magazine is published four times a year with each season.  The cost per issue is $17.95 each.  

All Issues are $17.95

Inspirations #4

This issue contains a full-sized heirloom gown pattern, breathtaking Brazilian embroidery, glorious bullion roses step-by-step, cosy slippers for you to embroider. Projects include:
  • Great Expectations - An exquisite crib coverlet and pillowslip with sprays of rosebuds
  • Blaze of Glory - Luxurious floral waistcoat decorated with satin stitch flowers
  • Baby's Breath - A fragile gown of silk georgette created entirely by hand
  • Framed Embroideries - Four embroidery stitches are used to create two stunning pieces
  • Brazilian Lights - A magnificent cushion with shimmering Brazilian embroidery
  • Granny's Knee Rug - Soft knee rug handstitched in subtle pastel hues
  • Heaven Scent - Lavender sachet worked in canvaswork with silken tassels
  • Golden Harvest - Cosy red tartan slippers embroidered with satin stitch
  • Moon Dance - Superb green tartan slippers with heavenly embroidery

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Inspirations #10

Fourteen easy gift ideas for holiday sewing plus kits to make them. Projects include:
  • Tender Mercies - Matching set of bonnet, mittens and shoes for the newborn babe
  • Poetic Justice - Charming wool spectacle case embellished with blood red roses
  • Eternity - Elegant heirloom blouse of pure white linen
  • Carmen - Dramatic striped cushion with dazzling red ribbon roses
  • Pastoral Symphony - Endearing woollen hat embroidered with a band of pretty flowers
  • The White Rabbit - A flower-filled felt rabbit to captivate the heart
  • Bubbles - Two snowy white stretch fabric suits for babies
  • Trailing vine - Exotic crewel work pincushion
  • Brief Encounters - Three diverse bookmarks embroidered with exquisite flowers

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Inspirations #15

Spectacular Winter Issue Brimming with Embroidery Ideas. Projects include:
  • Once Upon a Time - Ivory wool rug decorated with a circlet of flowers and four furry bears
  • Private Label - Damask tea cosy with brightly colored fushias and wisteria
  • Garden Passion - Old world garden scenes combining painting and needlework
  • BeBe - Charming four piece baby outfit featuring softly sculptured bears
  • Stolen Moments - Elegant nightgown and negligee in sheer silk georgette
  • Butterfly's Day Out - Pure wool jacket filled with extraordinary free-form embroidery
  • Chica - Dainty heirloom garments for a precious doll
  • Symphony of Flowers - A wedgewood blue writing compendium embroidered with floral patchwork

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Inspirations #29

Celebration of Flowers - Ribbon Roses, Pansies, Hydrangeas, Daisies, Lavender and More! Projects include:
  • Rock a Bye Baby - A nostalgic baby blanket
  • Bouquet of Flowers - Exquisite pansy rug
  • Damselfly - A masterpiece in stumpwork
  • Daisy Chains - Two beautiful daisy cushions
  • Nature's Jewels - Unique garden apron
  • Little Beauties - Adorable baby outfits
  • Perfection - Delicate ribbon roses
  • The Beehive Needle case - Quick and easy needlebook

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Inspirations #33

Very easy embroidery for boys. Projects include:
  • Perfumed Memories - Exquisite lingerie bag adorned with roses
  • Gentle Blush - A charming, eleganthand towel
  • Wood Rose - A tea cosy with old world roses and forget-me-nots
  • Heart and Soul - A circlet of flowers decorates this gorgeous rug
  • Ethereal - Swiss voile gown embellished with ribbon diamonds and roses
  • Playtime - Four great designs, especially for little boys
  • Fresh Fields - A pretty, versatile bag for everyday essentials
  • Arabian Nights - Amazing rug with camels and corner tasssels
  • Vanity Fair - Two irresistible little boxes

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Inspirations #40

Another delightful issue to please your embroidery spirit. Projects include:
  • The Red Fox - A wool embroidered multi-shaded red fox on a luxurious throw
  • All Roses - Gorgeous bullion roses featured on the cover
  • Autumn Gold - Charming Crewel cushion in traditional jacobean style
  • Peace Angel - Hearts and Angels dress, appliqued. Sizes 3-5 pattern included
  • Summer Garden - Traditional crewelwork sewing purse
  • The Egyptian Beetle - Gorgeous picture in textured & raised embroidery
  • Tranquility - Exquisite Stumpwork picture in soft shades of blue and pink
  • Purity - Sweet wool work bunnies nested amongst wild raspberries & roses
  • Conus Children's project - Ted's Blanket to keep dolls warm

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Inspirations #42

Threadpainting with Jenny McWhinney! Projects included are:
  • Good Medicine - An adorable child's blanket
  • Wild Thing - Charming botanical study in ribbons and threads
  • Celadon - Exquisite bead embroidered evening bag
  • Strawberry Fields - Stunning needlecase richly decorated with padded strawberries
  • Dreamtime - Lavishly embroidered wool baby blanket
  • Veil of Gold - Opulent beauty created with gold, pearls and crystals
  • Sweethearts - Sweet and soft little musical bears
  • Monarch - A striking stumpwork butterfly and thistle
  • White Elephant - Exotic embroidered elephant

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Inspirations #47

Many treasures to stitch including:
  • Heart's Desire - Cosy shell pink blanket adorned with plump roses
  • Filigree - Beautifully tatted bookmark
  • Special Occasion - Gorgeous pinafore dress with embroidered yoke
  • Buttercup - Stumpwork scissor case and fob ideal for beginners
  • Far Horizons - Prize-winning galahs perched on a blackbutt tree
  • Rare Vintage - Exquisite beaded evening bag
  • Portraits of Fruit - Two amazing fruit botanical studies
  • Rejoice - A perfect festive season decoration
  • Hanako's Dream - Vibrant portrait featuring beading and embroidery

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Inspirations #48

A special issue introducing Boutis a traditional French needlework technique. ?Also included are:
  • Summer Roses - Lustrous silk ribbon blossoms cushion
  • Garden Style - Silk Ribbon Garden Carrier
  • Fairy Dust - Enchanting Embroidered Fairy Blanket
  • Gentle Pleasures - Elegant coathanger with SRE
  • Santa's Little Helper - Delightful Christmas Bear with a sack full of toys
  • Alexandra - Ivory silk satin christening gown with matching bonnet
  • Les Boutis - Baby booties and bib worked in traditional Boutis - on cover
  • Sweet Nigella - Lacy Foliage and flowers stitched on silks
  • and a great article on making stumpwork people

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Inspirations #51

Beautiful projects included are:
  • Monet et le Papier Jaune - Further adventures of Monet with his friend Archie
  • Flowers for Elizabeth - Exquisitely embroidered sweetbag
  • Cookatoo Apple - Delicate traditional Casulguidi embroidery
  • The Shaggy Dog - Endearing thread painted dog
  • Little Darlings - Gorgeous baby blanket
  • Golden Dreams - Delightful goldwork accessories
  • Seeds of Love - Three charming coin purses
  • Lilac & Linen - Superb cushion with embroidered roses
  • Perfect Harmony - Beautiful silk lingerie bag
  • Leaps and Bounds - Navy wool blanket adorned with baby giraffes
  • Imagination - Pretty, practical compendium
  • Table Manners - Easy, trendy table napkins

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Inspirations #52

26 pages of Christmas Gift Ideas! Projects included are:
  • Warm Embraces - Adorable bunny on a cuddly blanket
  • Sweet Hydrangeas - Natural linen handbag with enchanbting blooms
  • Graceful Butterfly - Stunning blackwork butterfly
  • Tangerine Tango - Modern canvas tote bag
  • Elizabethan Botanicals - Pair of stumpwork masterpieces
  • Little Touches - Sophisticated table napkins
  • Sweet Sensations - Decorated lid and paperweight
  • The Peace Dove - Exquisite Christmas ornament
  • Mother Goose - Richly embellished goose and little bear
  • Plus a crewel embroidery stitch booklet

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Inspirations #53

Beautiful project ideas to make in a weekend! Also included are:
  • True Blue - Cute Australian themed needlecase with gumnut tassels
  • A Cottage Garden - Gorgeous needlecase embellished with flowers
  • Anise - Stunning stumpwork butterfly picture
  • Vintage Rose - Superb special occasion bag
  • Anemone - Magnificient thread painted shawl
  • Fleur de Lys - Stylish blouse trimmed with outis collar and cuffs
  • Luminescence - Modern needlework essential
  • Spring Sonnet - Beautiful blanket decorate dwith a vibrant garland
  • My Little Dinosaur - Cosy, colorful blanket for little ones
  • Rainbow Dreams - Fantastic Felted handbag

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Inspirations #58

Discover Jacobean Crewel Work! Also included are:
  • Monet and the Yellow Paper
  • Flowers for Elizabeth - Exquisitely Embroidered Sweetbag
  • Cokatoo Apple - Delicate traditional Casulguidi embroidery
  • Little Darlings - Gorgeous Baby Blanket
  • Golden Dreams - Delightful goldwork accessories
  • Seeds of Love - Three charming coin purses
  • Lilac & Linen - Superb cushion with embroidered roses
  • Perfect harmony - Beautiful silk lingerie bag
  • Leaps and Bounds - Navy Wool blanket adorned with baby giraffes
  • Imagination - Pretty, practical compendium
  • Table Manners - Easy, trendy table napkins

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Inspirations #71

Discover the art of Japanese Embroidery with projects:
  • Japanese Bluebell - A dainty example of traditional Japanese embroidery
  • Kokeshi - Delightful glasses case with enchanting Japanese imagery
  • African Lily - Graceful cushion with highly textured botanical motif
  • Chicken Run - Charming table topper embroidered with a circle of hens
  • Puppylove - An appealing blanket for a four legged friend
  • Autumn Harvest - Beautiful silk ribbon blooms in shades of gold and copper
  • Silver Star - Elegant flower motif in sparkling silver threads
  • Pure Romance - Shimmering silk nightgown with delicate lace yoke
  • Liberty Rose - Wonderful floral quilt with a summery floral garland
  • Garnet - Stylish bag with striking redwork flower
  • Sweet Baby Jane - Gorgeous three-piece outfit with wonderful garden flowers

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Inspirations #73

20 inspiring gifts include:
  • World of Embroidery - Emery Scissors Fob
  • Tiny Treasures - Exquisite cross stitch etui - On the Cover
  • First Love - Gorgeous embroidered quilt with applique flowers
  • Little Rag Doll - Endearing and easy to make
  • Flora - Charming bag with elegant embroidery
  • Rainbow Dreams - Colourful cot sheet and pillowcase
  • Centaurea - Elegant scissor sheath and pill ball
  • Bounty - Beautiful flower sampler picture
  • Minutiae - Dainty pot with embroidered lids
  • Little Brother - Puffin embroidered drawstring bag
  • Paperchase - Four enchanting embroidered glass paperweights

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Inspirations #74

A World of Stitches of inspiring gifts including:
  • Mother of Pearl - A panel of majestic Russian pearl embroidery decorates a wooden box, with a bonus pearl pouch project.
  • Country Garden - A profusion of richly textured flowers and leaves surround a whimsical bicycle
  • Renaissance - Innovative Estense embroidery in vivid colours decorates this biscornu pincushion
  • Fragrant Dreams - A delicate heart-shaped sachet adorned with dainty flowers
  • Heartsong - A natural linen carry bag with pretty hearts, Paisleys and a carpet of wildflowers
  • Time for Tea - This fresh, contemporary tea cosy makes the most of simple applique and an exciting variety of stitches
  • Lulu Lollypop - An adorable wool embroidered blanket featuring Lulu and her cuddly teddy bear
  • Circa - A stunning cushion with modern motifs and an elegant color scheme of natural and black
  • With This Ring - A beautiful Punto Antico whitework design ensures this ring cushion will be greatly treasured
  • Kakisubata - An elegant and refined Japanese embroidery study worked in lustrous silk

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