"Inspirations Magazine"

Issue #76 is Here!!!! See contents here.

If you haven't already seen Inspirations you should know that each issue is in full color with detailed photographs that explain each and every embroidery technique with step by step directions.  Inspirations Magazine is published four times a year with each season.  The cost per issue is $17.95 each.  

All Issues are $17.95

Inspirations #76

'A Stitch a Day' in Amsterdam. Projects include:
  • Squared Away - Try Guimaraed embroidery from Portugal with this sweet scissor fob
  • Snowdrop - The beauty of the dainty snowdrop, perfectly captured in stumpwork
  • Under the Mistletoe - Sumptuous velvet scarf adorned with a spring of mistletoe
  • Sweet Strawberries - Enjoy this crisp white tablecloth stitched in traditional Mountmellick embroidery
  • The Nestlings - Captivating life-like study of a family of superb fairy wrens
  • Nero Fiore - Beautiful pincushion embroidered with classic blackwork motifs
  • Enfant Cheri - Charming cushion decorated with embroidered circles and cute teddy bears
  • Pure Gold - Enchanting floral motif created with beautiful metallic gold and silk threads
  • English Rose - Exquisite thimble holder, richly embroidered with a bouquet of roses
  • Flame Tree - Striking applique cushion embellished with textured stitches

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Inspirations #75

Unwind & Savour 16 Glorious Designs including:
  • Bauhinia - A superb botanical study using raised embroidery techniques
  • Silken Splendour - Trapunto and hand quilting enhance the design of this sumptuous cushion
  • The Early Bird - This practical peg bag adorned with friendly redwork birds, is sure to become a favourite accessory in your home
  • Hearts and Roses - Beautiful pearl studded drawstring bag with glorious embroidered floral hearts and roses sprays
  • Lazy Days - Lovely silk print, embellished with simple stitches
  • Nature's Bounty - It's a cauliflower, it's a pincushion!
  • Threads of Love - Scented sachet with a delicate Schwalm design worked on ivory linen
  • Undercover Angels - These playful motifs, inspired by nursery toys, add a sense of fun to baby's basic garments
  • Bits 'N Pieces - Elegant chatelaine showcasing a range of counted thread stitches in a charming patchwork design

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Inspirations #74

A World of Stitches of inspiring gifts including:
  • Mother of Pearl - A panel of majestic Russian pearl embroidery decorates a wooden box, with a bonus pearl pouch project.
  • Country Garden - A profusion of richly textured flowers and leaves surround a whimsical bicycle
  • Renaissance - Innovative Estense embroidery in vivid colors decorates this biscornu pincushion
  • Fragrant Dreams - A delicate heart-shaped sachet adorned with dainty flowers
  • Heartsong - A natural linen carry bag with pretty hearts, Paisleys and a carpet of wildflowers
  • Time for Tea - This fresh, contemporary tea cosy makes the most of simple applique and an exciting variety of stitches
  • Lulu Lollypop - An adorable wool embroidered blanket featuring Lulu and her cuddly teddy bear
  • Circa - A stunning cushion with modern motifs and an elegant color scheme of natural and black
  • With This Ring - A beautiful Punto Antico whitework design ensures this ring cushion will be greatly treasured
  • Kakisubata - An elegant and refined Japanese embroidery study worked in lustrous silk

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Inspirations #73

20 inspiring gifts include:
  • World of Embroidery - Emery Scissors Fob
  • Tiny Treasures - Exquisite cross stitch etui - On the Cover
  • First Love - Gorgeous embroidered quilt with applique flowers
  • Little Rag Doll - Endearing and easy to make
  • Flora - Charming bag with elegant embroidery
  • Rainbow Dreams - Colourful cot sheet and pillowcase
  • Centaurea - Elegant scissor sheath and pill ball
  • Bounty - Beautiful flower sampler picture
  • Minutiae - Dainty pot with embroidered lids
  • Little Brother - Puffin embroidered drawstring bag
  • Paperchase - Four enchanting embroidered glass paperweights

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Inspirations #72

Another fabulous issue filled with fabulous gifts for all seasons. Projects include:
  • Inspirations from the Past - article on the costumes of Ballet Russe
  • Fallahi - Get a taste of traditional Palestinian embroidery
  • Charleston - The elegance of a bygone era depicted in a pair of stylish Art Deco inspired portraits
  • Monkey Business - Try not to smile at this adorable baby blanket with cheeky applique monkeys
  • Ulysses - Enjoy the elegance of this superb silk embroidered butterfly study
  • Symphony in Blue - This stylish Deerfield embroidered cushion is perfect for any home
  • Sweet Souvenir - A delightful scissor etui with a variety of counted thread stitches
  • The Honey Bee - Try this fabulous introduction to goldwork techniques
  • Material Possessions- An elegant and practical machine needlebook to keep your needles neat and tidy
  • Warm Wishes - Brighten your day with this vibrant lien scarf
  • Glad Tidings - Adorn your fireplace with this fabulous wool embroidered stocking
  • A Christmas Carol - This charming surface embroidery sampler is sure to delight
  • Kris Kringle - A pretty gift bad is the perfect wrapping for any small gift.

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Inspirations #71

Discover the art of Japanese Embroidery with projects:
  • Japanese Bluebell - A dainty example of traditional Japanese embroidery
  • Kokeshi - Delightful glasses case with enchanting Japanese imagery
  • African Lily - Graceful cushion with highly textured botanical motif
  • Chicken Run - Charming table topper embroidered with a circle of hens
  • Puppylove - An appealing blanket for a four legged friend
  • Autumn Harvest - Beautiful silk ribbon blooms in shades of gold and copper
  • Silver Star - Elegant flower motif in sparkling silver threads
  • Pure Romance - Shimmering silk nightgown with delicate lace yoke
  • Liberty Rose - Wonderful floral quilt with a summery floral garland
  • Garnet - Stylish bag with striking redwork flower
  • Sweet Baby Jane - Gorgeous three-piece outfit with wonderful garden flowers

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Inspirations #58

Discover Jacobean Crewel Work! Also included are:
  • Monet and the Yellow Paper
  • Flowers for Elizabeth - Exquisitely Embroidered Sweetbag
  • Cokatoo Apple - Delicate traditional Casulguidi embroidery
  • Little Darlings - Gorgeous Baby Blanket
  • Golden Dreams - Delightful goldwork accessories
  • Seeds of Love - Three charming coin purses
  • Lilac & Linen - Superb cushion with embroidered roses
  • Perfect harmony - Beautiful silk lingerie bag
  • Leaps and Bounds - Navy Wool blanket adorned with baby giraffes
  • Imagination - Pretty, practical compendium
  • Table Manners - Easy, trendy table napkins

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Inspirations #57

Such a gorgeous issue with projects to delight the eyes and fingers.  Start with the peacock on the cover and move onto the exotic thread-painted camel on blanket.  Also is a prize winning cat blanket as seen on the bottom of the cover.  Other projects include:
  • Bird of Paradise - Glorious peacock worked in silk and gold threads
  • First Blush - Elegant silk needlecase covered in bullion roses
  • Sahara - Exotic camel blanket
  • Best Friends - Irresistible stumpwork cats
  • Belle Fraise - Stunning wild strawberry picture
  • Fil D'Or - Perfection in goldwork
  • Penny Squares - Charming redwork sachet - excellent beginner's redwork project
  • Gilded Rose - Exquisite ribbon embroidered pot.

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Inspirations #56

Another inspiring issue with a return to romance with projects, stories and articles designed to inspire and delight! Explore the world of felting with a fabulous knitted bag, celebrate Christmas with four festive projects, including delightful ornaments and a gorgeous table runner by Jenny McWhinney plus much, much more. Projects include:
  • Rhapsody in Blue - Deerfield embroidered cushion
  • Floribunda - Fabulous felted bag with roses and pansies
  • Fairy Flowers - Exquisite Snutki doily
  • Five Little Ducks - Adorable baby blanket with plush little ducks
  • Eglantyne - Exquisite Victorian style pincushion
  • Coffee Scrolls - Elegant matching table runner and tray cloth
  • Deck the Halls - Delightful Christmas table runner
  • Snow Queen - Richly embroidered ornamental swan
  • Spirit of Peace - Superb Christmas tree ornament
  • White Christmas - Beautiful white on white Christmas tree ornament
  • Breath of Spring - Sumptuously embroidered bag with large pockets

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Inspirations #54

More beautiful things to make. Extra booklet attached shows you how to do stumpwork. Projects include:
  • Immortelle - Superb crewel embroidered cushion
  • My Fair Lady - Sumptuous special occasions bag
  • The Magic Carousel - Gorgeous ivory and pastel baby blanket
  • True Love - Charming and whimsical thread painted pictures
  • Affair of the Heart - Exquisite whitework sachet
  • Basket of Hugs - Lifelike stumpwork and beautiful cross stitch on Nantucket baskets
  • Mignonette - Delightful scissors fob
  • The Butterfly Collection - Gorgeous stumpwork paperweight, trinket box and tiny pots
  • Step by step instructions on all techniques in magazines.

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Inspirations #48

A special issue introducing Boutis a traditional French needlework technique. ?Also included are:
  • Summer Roses - Lustrous silk ribbon blossoms cushion
  • Garden Style - Silk Ribbon Garden Carrier
  • Fairy Dust - Enchanting Embroidered Fairy Blanket
  • Gentle Pleasures - Elegant coathanger with SRE
  • Santa's Little Helper - Delightful Christmas Bear with a sack full of toys
  • Alexandra - Ivory silk satin christening gown with matching bonnet
  • Les Boutis - Baby booties and bib worked in traditional Boutis - on cover
  • Sweet Nigella - Lacy Foliage and flowers stitched on silks
  • and a great article on making stumpwork people

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Inspirations #44

Another fun issue for embroiderers. Your choice of a beautiful cushion, a cosy blanket for kiddies, a William Morris inspired design purse and much much more. Included in this issue are the following projects:
  • Caprice - Exotic embroidered bag with beads and sequins (cover)
  • Gentle Touch - gorgeous cashmere blanket decorated with loveable bears and flowers
  • Hidden Treasures - tiny drawstring bag with exquisite embroidery
  • La Vie En Rose - Elegant cushion with ornate lattice and lavish flowers
  • Debut - Daintily embroidered soft twill baby wrap
  • The Artichoke - Striking artichoke design embellishes a cashmere hot water bottle
  • Winter Love - Stunning Ring Cushion
  • Fil D'Or - Perfection in Goldwork

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Inspirations #40

Another delightful issue to please your embroidery spirit. Projects include:
  • The Red Fox - A wool embroidered multi-shaded red fox on a luxurious throw
  • All Roses - Gorgeous bullion roses featured on the cover
  • Autumn Gold - Charming Crewel cushion in traditional jacobean style
  • Peace Angel - Hearts and Angels dress, appliqued. Sizes 3-5 pattern included
  • Summer Garden - Traditional crewelwork sewing purse
  • The Egyptian Beetle - Gorgeous picture in textured & raised embroidery
  • Tranquility - Exquisite Stumpwork picture in soft shades of blue and pink
  • Purity - Sweet wool work bunnies nested amongst wild raspberries & roses
  • Conus Children's project - Ted's Blanket to keep dolls warm

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Inspirations #29

Price $17.95
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Inspirations #4

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