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Here are all the Kimono and jacket patterns we carry in one place for your convenience.  The kimono and kimono jackets are most popular with silk painters, shibori artists and sashiko enthusiasts.  It is one of the most easy styles of garments to make plus it's incredibly comfortable.  It's simplicity of style allows the fabric designer to shine as it is the perfect canvas for her/his works.

Dana Maries Designs

PWP#1027 Kanji  Coat  XS-5X

As featured in Janome magazine,
this lovely jacket is reminiscent of Japanese Jackets.  
Two lengths to choose from, short and mid thigh.

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#113 Japanese Kimono - Men and women to 6 ft. tall.

The timeless simplicity of this elegant garment is still enchanting. Our unlined informal kimono (yukata) can be worn in various lengths, as a dress, coat, or robe.   Pattern includes instructions for shibori dyeing, sashiko embroidery, and for making an informal obi or sash. Suggested fabrics: Light or medium-weight cotton, rayon, or silk.   Yukata kimono are often blue and white, or other colorful prints.

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#143 Japanese Michiyuki - Misses Extra Small (6-8) to 2XL (26-28)

This three-quarter length kimono-style jacket originated in the 20th century as an over-kimono coat that was worn for extra warmth and/or protection which out and about.  Its low , square neckline was designed to attractively frame the overlapping neckbands of the kimono and under-kimono worn underneath.  Today, the Michiyuki is also worn as a dressy overcoat, casual coat-dress, and artist's or work smock, perfect for studio or garden tasks.  Lengthened and made out of water-repellent fabric, it also functions as a raincoat.

The pattern features a double-breasted front opening, kimono style sleeves that are large enough to fit over a kimono underneath, narrow neck band with mitered corners, and a hand pocket hidden in the front seam.  Covered buttons are purely decorative; snap fasteners attach the overlapping center fort panels, so no buttonholes are needed.

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FW#129 Japanese Hapi & Haori   Misses 6-20; Men's 34-44

For formal occasions or everyday layered dressing, either jacket offers a special touch to any wardrobe. Simple rectangular shapes are great for inventive color and texture combinations. A pattern for the tabi, the traditional split-toe slipper socks, is included. Suggested fabrics: For the Hapi, choose light to medium-weight soft or crisp cottons or blends; silks with body such as noil or shantung; linen; wool. For the Haori, choose light to medium-weight soft fabrics with drape such as silk, rayon, or blends. For the Tabi, choose medium-weight cotton or blends. Fabrics with nap, pile, or one-way design are not suitable for either jacket.

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FW#112 Japanese Field Clothing - Women's 6-16, Men's 34-44

These outfits are so comfortable especially if you hate to wear clothes in the summer but need to be decent.  You can make them in cotton or silk, as both are suitable.  Rayon challis also works but tends to be hotter than cotton or silk.  

Included are patterns and sewing instructions for three garments - the Hippari Jacket - a hip-length jacket that overlaps in front and ties at the side, sized for men and women, Monpei or calf length field pants, for women up to size 14, and Padded Jacket for women with a straight front opening and neckband.  Construction is authentic.

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FW#114 Chinese Jacket   Misses 6-16

Perfect for silks or handwoven fabrics this pattern has three styles of jacket to make and decorate in whatever manner you have in mind.   View A is the Easy-to-Sew unlined version (short Jacket).  View B is similar in shape as A but is lined with contrasting facings which are piped with a narrow bias strip.  View C is the faced center front opening closed with simple or elaborate frogs.

Also included are transfer designs for traditional roundels of embroidery, a couched embroidered butterfly, hand-painting techniques and knotted button and loop closures (frogs).

Suggested fabrics are: Silk or silk-like synthetics, chintz, polished cotton, medium and lightweight cotton, or lightweight wool.

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While not exactly a kimono it has a strong oriental influence which was popular in the 20's and 30's

FW#238 Le Smoking Jacket Misses 6-16; Men's 34-44

Smoking jackets symbolised sophistication during the 1920s and 1930s, both on the silver screen and in real life.  Our classy version features contrasting or quilted lapels, cuffs, and pocket trim. Pattern includes instructions for women's knitted tank top to wear underneath. Suggested fabrics: Medium-weight fabrics such as velvet, velveteen, brocade, corduroy, crepe, silk jacquard.

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Lois Ericson

LE#330 Cathay by Lois Ericson  $14.00  XS-XXL (4 - 26)

"China was originally called Cathay so the name is appropriate for this Chinese inspired pattern.  The vest opens in the center or has shaped extensions for an asymmetrical look.  The Chinese top, cut longer than the vest, has three views.  Also included are Chinese motifs, knot buttons & frogs, embroidery ideas."

If you've been following the Art to Wear movement for the past 30 years you'll recognize the last name Ericson as being synonymous with ethnic inspired clothing designs.  

I think this vest makes a perfect foil for a dress with smocked sleeves, maybe lattice work or if you prefect you can smock vertical panels and cut and sew to make a smocked vest.  Make it in raw silk for extra warmth.

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LE#327 Kimono Encore by Lois Ericson  $14.00  XS-XXL (4 - 26)

The simple kimono shape, a perfect background for any intricate design or decorative detail, has fascinated artists and designers for centuries. The kimono look has been experiencing a renaissance of wear in recent years with the silk painters and movie star (Elizabeth Taylor's Silk and Velvets at the Oscars a couple of  years ago). You can make your kimono or evening coat in two lengths, a long robe, or as two big shirts or two vests to wear over any of the other pieces.  Quite a collection of potential outfits for one pattern.  Have some fun, make something different to wear.

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