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The sad days of magazine inspiration withdrawal are over CLASSIC SEWING IS HERE!!!

The NEW 132 page Classic Sewing Magazine is a must have for all levels of sewing and heirloom sewing enthusiasts with designs from all your favourite designers.

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Muestras y Motivos - Frunces Smock Spanish Smocking Magazines

Wonderful magazine from Spain featuring bullion embellished smocking to the max. The quality of the designs are excellent. The Spanish are famous for their bullion smocking, influenced the craze that hit the American and Australian smocking world in the 80's and 90's. Today you can see cross influences in Frunces smock with heirloom sewing techniques and quality of the garments presented in each issue. Much inspiration available here at only $18.00 per issue. Shipping via Priority Mail at $7.95.

As you may know Australian Smocking & Embroidery has published it's last issue at #100 but we still have back issues available.

It is a sad day for all devotees of smocking but the good news is that they will then continue the tradition and begin publishing specialized subject books on Smocking and Heirloom Embroidery that will satisfy our cravings for something new.

Americans were responsible for this current smocking fad and will still continue to produce lovely things, it's in all our natures. The lure of embroidery on fabric, the desire to embellish, that will continue regardless of who is driving the inspirational bus.

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 We still have lots of back issues available

 Australian Smocking and Embroidery Magazine - AS&E #72

 Inspirations Magazine - Inspirations #48

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