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To order less than a yard or yardage + fraction you have to enter in the decimal equivalent from this chart:

1/8 = .125 1/4 = .25 3/8 = .375 1/2 = .5 5/8 = .625 3/4 = .75 7/8 = .875

French Laces & Swiss Embroideries & Chinese Tatting

Entredeux - $2.75 per yard - White, Ecru or Champagne

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Standard Beading - $6.00 per yard - White

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56473 1/2" Insertion - $6.75 per yard - White Only  Quantity requested    

French Lace and Chinese Tatting

892 1/2" Edging W: $5.60

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898 1/2" Insertion White: $5.60

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Chinese Tatting #7645-1   1/4" $4.50 yard

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