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I began painting in San Francisco when the New Age Era was just beginning to bloom (1967), when the possibilities were endless, boundaries were boundless - what a time to paint without questioning the whys. "Cryptyde" was the beginning of the successful psychedelic series along with "BethAnn", "The Estate of Man "& "Urp".  "Abraxas" is probably my personal favorite of those Surreal days, it has a play of humor entwined throughout that even to this day brings a chuckle.  Those were wonderful days in magical times.

My most successful paintings were printed in posters & notecards and the "Visions" book published by Pomegranite Press in Rhonert Park, CA.  There was an effort made to establish a San Francisco Visionary Art Movement in those days, where my works played a strong role.  (A few of these "ancient treasures" are still in my possession and are available - see Vintage Hyde.)
I moved into painting landscapes with "The Green Landscape", "Golden" and "The Bridge.  I felt it was a good idea to ground myself a bit and to my great delight I discovered a good landscape has everything in it that surrealism has.  They were a wonderful experience, it felt good to be grounded in these beautiful forests.

About the Prismas

The drawings that I call Prismas are color pencil on black stock.  Pencil drawing was my introduction into art.  There is an immediacy to the medium of pencil.  It allows my spontaneity to flow.  When I was a young boy at school I had very poor classroom attention, my nervous energy was always doodling on the pages of the text books.  I eventually paid some attention to these doodles and carried them a little beyond the doodle stage.  One of the things I noticed was that these doodles were very sub-conscious and interesting.  You could look and wonder what they were about or what was meant or said.  To this day I still like to draw in that subconscious, non questioning manner.  I like to walk down the path of a drawing, relying on my spontaneity from step to step.  It keeps me alert and genuinely curious as to what is to come.  I also attempt to have a general sense of an overall concept that is being formed in these initial moves and hopefully all comes together at the end.

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