How to use our shopping cart.

To shop choose the items you wish on each page and click on the Submit button at the bottom of each page to add in items to our cart.   Then continue shopping on to the next page and add in more.  You can use the cart even if you wish to pay by check or faxed in order.  If you are having trouble finding what you want you can add it into the comments section of your submitted order or else give us a call to order.  IF THE CART WON'T WORK FOR YOU, send us an email with your order, your phone number and we'll give you a call.  This is for USA orders only.  For International orders send us an email and we'll send a paypal payment request to complete your order.  

Please note we are having trouble with the shipping rates on the cart (instructions are translated into English I believe ...?), we will calculate the proper amount of shipping before processing your order. Paypal customers will receive instant refunds for pre-paid orders.

Our site is checked monthly for security.

Click on the SUBMIT BUTTON on the bottom of each page when you're done shopping.
You will then be taken to another page which gives you the option to continue shopping or checkout.  

When you write to us OR CALL US concerning an order PLEASE include your NAME and the item in question. As much as we would like to say we are mind readers, we're not.

Shipping & Handling Rates

We are very fair with shipping but do need to charge a shipping & handling fee for each order.

Please note that we are having a bit of a glitch with the shipping rates charged on your order as the cart seems to have a mind of it's own when adding in the rates.  Why this happens is a mystery but no worries as we hand calculate every order to make sure it's correct before sending the charge through on your account.

Cancellation & Returns Policy

Your browser is not secure but want to pay with credit card?

We accept checks, money orders through the mail. Place the order as usual and we'll get right back to you with the correct shipping rate.

Overseas Order?

We are located in Clearlake, CA in the USA.  We are more than happy to fill your overseas order either to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or Japan or any country that accepts Global Priority Mail with your email order (your protection as well as mine), however we do prefer that you use the company to pay us for the verification of your address (especially in Canada and England with letter postal codes).  If you live in an Asian country your email address may not work when translated into English, this has been especially true with customers from Japan.  Please be aware of how to email us that the language translates properly so we can send a reply back.

For most orders we prefer to ship Global Priority Mail as it is the most secure, however surface mail is a much lower rate.  We cannot guarantee that you will receive your order with surface mail but can with Global Priority Mail.  The rate for one magazine is either $6.50 or $12.50,  a difference of $4.00 and you get your order within 10 days instead of 4-6 weeks.  

Email & Call Method:

If you wish to place an order but would prefer to talk to a real person to give your credit information to give us a call at 707-995-4042 or 707-701-1356 or email us your order, phone number and a good time to call to  We'll calculate the total and shipping, send you a receipt and give you a call for your credit information.  Please remember that we are in California and are open "late" for East Coast customers.  Our phone hours are 7AM PST to 8PM PST and don't be afraid of leaving a message it's only the fairies listening.  

You can call us with your order at 707-995-4042 or 707-701-1356

Cut and paste this form for mail in orders if you choose not to use our shopping cart.

Mail-in order:

If you are placing an order by mail please use our mail-in order form below

Paying by check or money orders saves you a bit on the handling fee (usually around 4%).   We send you an email when we receive payment and when the item is shipped.   Check & M/O's take 3-7 days to process depending upon the items ordered.  If you are ordering a pleater alone there is no shipping charge.  If you are ordering a magazine subscription the shipping has been included in the price.   Single issues of ASE & Inspirations are $5.25, all other magazines $3.85 .

Shipping rates for Mail-in orders:
  •  $1.00-$4.50    - $2.75
  •  $4.51-$9.50    - $3.75
  •  $9.51-$13.50  - $6.95
  •  $13.51-$40     - $7.95
  •  $41.00-$60     - $8.95
  •  $61.00-$250   - $15.00

Order Form for Mail-in or faxed orders: (cut and paste)

Garden Fairies Trading Company                            Date:                                     
P.O. Box 2596
Clearlake, CA   95422


Credit Card Number:                                ex: 

Name:                                               e-mail:

Shipping Address:                                   Phone number: 

City:                                     State:              Postal Code:         


Wish List:
Item                                             Cost per item        Total   


                                                       Sub-Total   |           
                          	  Sales Tax (7.25% if applicable)  |           
                                                 Shipping Charges  |           
                                                      Grand Total  |           

Please remember that I am now holding check orders until your check clears my bank.  If you are in a rush please send a money order or cashiers check.

Write to us: