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Orders are suspended due to Susie's temporary hiatus from the world of sewing. We wish her the best and pray for a speedy recovery.

Total Beginner to Smocking?  Not sure what it is or how it is done?  

For detailed information about what smocking is and how it is done please read this page What is Smocking first and come back to here to order, if you wish.

Ready to smock is a concept that came into existence when some very smart women figured out that you could pre-construct your pleated dresses first, do the smocking and then take the pleating threads out.   This is very appealing as a concept for when you are done smocking you're basically done with the dress except for blocking and the hemline to finish.   To help you on your journey we offer several books on basic smocking instruction (listed below, click here) as well as smocking design plates from several smocking designers.  See Smocking Plates we carry.   We also offer pre-pleated inserts for practicing your stitches.

If you have never done smocking before you will need needles (we recommend Darner's #7), floss (DMC or ANCHOR are the best) and an instruction manual that has smocking designs included or a smocking design called a Smocking Plate (which is printer terminology, refers to a book plate in color).  We do recommend that if this is your first venture into smocking that you get an instruction manual rather than try to wing it with just a smocking plate.  Any of the books listed at the end of this page are excellent choices in helping you on your journey to teach yourself how to do English Smocking.  It's quite easy but takes a little time to teach your hands and mind how to do it.   

In stock Ready to Smock Items

On today's menu we have two offerings ready to go out the door today.
Both are button down front bishop dresses for girls.
Size 3 is in hot Sizzle Pink and Size 6 is in lovely Shadow Blue.
Both would look lovely smocked in white with pearls
or added bullions in complimentary shaded colors matching the base color.

RTS Girls Front Open Bishop - Size 3 Sizzle Pink

Long Sleeves and button down front
Size 3yr

Price $57.00
Quantity requested    

RTS Girls Front Open Bishop - Size 6 Shadow Blue

Long Sleeves and button down front
Size 6yr

Price $59.00
Quantity requested    

Pre-Pleated Insert for Smocking

We have available white inserts (Imperial Broadcloth)

9 rows ready for smocking
(smock 7)

Price 4.95
Quantity requested    

12 rows ready for smocking
(smock 10)

Price 5.95
Quantity requested    

16 rows ready for smocking
(smock 14)

Price 6.95
Quantity requested    


The needle of choice is the Darner #7 due to it's long shaft
which helps in adjusting your smocking stitches if needed.

Darners #7

Price $1.25
Quantity requested    

Pleating Service

Our policy is very simple, if no one has a pleater near you or if you are tired of picking up the dots and want to get down to smocking we can pleat for you.  Give us a call to arrange 707-701-1356 or 707-995-4042

Our fees are simple:

  • $4.95 for up to 9 rows

  • $5.95 for up to 16 rows

  • $7.95 up to 24 rows

  • $10.00 for pleating a bishop dress (you sew the sleeves to the back and front, leave side seams open

  • $18 for construction and pleating

Postage is additional, just send us the same amount of postage as you paid.  Turn around time is usually 48 hours, unless your fabric breaks a needle or is one of those difficult projects - then we take the time needed to complete the job, just let us know if you are in a hurry.  Oh and if your project breaks a needle then we have to charge $1.10 per needle.

More needles on the Notions Page

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