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 Gloriana Over Dyed Silk Ribbons - new colors added!
4mm, 7mm, 13mm
RiverSilks - Solid Colors
4mm, 7mm, 13mm
RiverSilks - Overdyed Ribbons
4mm, 7mm, 13mm

  YLI Solid Ribbons - 184 colors on 8 pages
2mm, 4mm & 7mm

 Double Faced Silk Satin Ribbon
4mm, 12mm & 18mm
For ribbon weaving in smocking or for bonnet ties.
Other Silk Ribbons & Supplies
  • Ribbon Roses, Feathers, Tassels & Bows

Looking for silk ribbon books?

A note from Beth-Katherine Kaiman, Main Fairy.

Working with silk ribbon is one of the joys in my life.  It's so substantial as opposed to just working with cotton floss, plus it's easier to see what you are working on as with just a few stitches and you have a flower.   The 3 dimensional effect really spruces up otherwise drab clothing.  One of my favorite things to do was to embroider flowers on my daughter's clothing (especially when she outgrew smocked clothing). To see a few samples of my work please go to this page Silk Ribbon Samples (and feel free to send in pictures of your own work for show and tell).

Using different sizes of ribbon in your projects adds dimension and interest.  When combining the sizes keep in mind that 7 mm covers a lot of area and may or may not dwarf your 4 mm. 2 mm is used a lot in embroideries for dolls and doll house miniatures and miniature quilts.   When working with the different sized ribbons you can use a Tapestry #26 needle but the 13mm ribbon really needs a bigger eye, a size Tapestry #22 or #24 has a big enough eye to thread your ribbon through. 

Embroidery Tip:

 Instead of using one size ribbon with all your projects, try sprinkling different size ribbons for the different sized flowers you find in nature.  Also try Yli Silk Floss or Rajmahal (Silk and Rayon Floss) for stems of flowers or branches rather than ribbon.  This will make your embroidery "POP"" with a 3 dimensional look and feel, and appear more balanced, realistic and life like.  Try it some time when planning a new piece and you'll see what I mean.   You can vary the size of your flowers while using 4mm ribbon but adding in 2mm or 7mm adds such a nice touch.   Try 13mm for a real thrill.

An Excellent Beginner's Manual that we recommend.

Price $14.95
Quantity requested    

Silk ribbon embroidery is a wonderful and beautiful art form that is easy to do.  In order to get started we recommend any of the Books listed in our Silk Books section.  If your budget is small (but your heart is big) then the book by Deanna Hall West An Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery - 131 Flowers is a great place to start.  You will also need some ribbon and needles and if you don't know what to make then how about a lavender sachet bag using Faille (see fabrics, or make a sachet with velvet.  Both of these items are quick and easy to make up.  

We have made up some assortment bags of 4mm ribbon in 10 one-yard lengths in pinks, reds, yellows or greens (other assortments to follow as this site grows).  I recommend getting one or two of these assortments (pinks & greens) and one of the assortment needle packs (see Needles) along with a book.  If you read the introduction to any of these books which tell you how to handle ribbon (keeping it straight is a must as your ribbon will like to twist a lot) you will be well on your way to creating masterpieces of your own.

Also see Ann's excellent companion volume on the silk books page.

Ribbon Embroidery with 178 Iron-on Transfers - Michler

The Victorian-era trend of silk-ribbon embroidery is back and this comprehensive guide offers both easy-to-follow instructions for the delicate art and dozens of iron-on transfer pattern designs. Needleworkers will love the wealth of winsome patterns--floral sprays, topiaries, bouquets, flower baskets, and miniature nosegays; hats, fans, and heart motifs, as well as dainty "alphabet flowers", with each letter of the alphabet represented by a flower or plant (Anemone, Bluebell, Calla, Dahlia, etc.)

Flowers and leaves embroidered in silk ribbon possess a lovely dimensional quality, seeming to float above the background fabric. This beautiful technique features stitches that work up quickly and easily and an extremely versatile number of applications. Personal an domestic accessories such as belts, ties, scarves, hair ornaments, towels, table liens, and quilts are beautifully enhanced by ribbon embroidery. The simplicity of the instructions and illustrations for these designs assures that even novices will master a variety of lovely stitches.

Price $5.95
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For more books on Silk Ribbon Embroidery please look at our Silk Books page.

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We have started a SRE FAQ page here.  If you wish to add your comments and suggestions by all means email them to us and I will add them in.

Silk Ribbon Combinations Packs

Ten one yard lengths combinations of 2mm or 4mm for $6.75

Yellows and Oranges

Price $6.75
Quantity requested    

Light Greens - Dark Greens (leaves and stems)

Price $6.75
Quantity requested    

Blues and Purples

Price $6.75
Quantity requested    

Medium to Dark Pinks

Price $6.75
Quantity requested    

Browns to Golds (not available in 2mm)

Price $6.75
Quantity requested    

Silk Satin Ribbon - Double Faced in 3 sizes sold by the yard:

4mm (3/16") $ .85 12mm (1/2") $1.75 18mm (1 1/2") $2.25

I found this lovely ribbon years ago on an antique doll's bonnet.  It was so soft and lovely to the touch that I spent a while hunting down a source for this lovely ribbon and here it is. Lush up your smocking projects by adding  this luxurious ribbon as bonnet ties, woven through beading or whatever your creativity inspires you to do.  Can be painted with silk paints, pigma pens or instant set dyes for ribbon roses and because it's silk this ribbon folds so beautifully and nicely into roses.

Lt. Blue

Colors available in 4mm (1/8") perfect for ribbon weaving in smocking:
Ivory, Lilac, Red, Light Blue or Pink $.85 per yard

4mm Price $.85 per yard
Quantity requested    

12mm (1/2") makes good bonnet ties:
Colors available in 12mm:
Ivory, Lilac, Maize, Mint Green, Light Blue or Pink

12mm Price $1.75 per yard
Quantity requested    

Colors available in 18mm (1 1/2") Sashes:
Ivory or Light Blue

18mm Price $2.25 per yard
Quantity requested    

Hand Painted Silk Ribbons

Hand-painted Silk Ribbon is very beautiful and adds a dimension of color to your embroideries you won't find with regular colors.  Working with color is very therapeutic indeed and when you have some of the most beautiful colors at your finger tips which allow your imagination to flow free - ah, now that's bliss.

We carry carry four lines of hand-painted ribbons: "YLI Hand Dyed Ribbons", "Gloriana Ribbons",  "Elegance to Dye For" & River Silks Hand Dyed Variegated Silk Ribbon.  YLI  is relatively colorfast and can be used safely on washable projects but turn the garments inside out or even put them in a protective bag.   The Hand Dyed ribbon companies Elegance to Dye For and Gloriana Ribbons recommend that you  hand wash in cool water with mild soap.

Please Note that the Elegance to Dye For and YLI Overdyed ribbons are out of production and will be phased out soon.

Needles for Silk Ribbon Embroidery (More?  See also Notions)

YLI Silk Ribbon Embroidery Needles

25 needle assortment of all the needles you'll ever need for
every size ribbon you will ever work with from 2mm to 13mm

Price $5.50
Quantity requested    

Tapestry Assortment 18-24

The all-round perfect collection of  needles to work with the larger
sized ribbons such as 7mm & 13mm.

Price $3.50
Quantity requested    

Tapestry 26

The best sized eye of the blunt tipped needles for working with
4mm ribbon.

Price $3.50
Quantity requested    

Chenille Ast 18/24 - Small Package

Same size as the Tapestry needle with a sharp point.

Price $1.25
Quantity requested    

Tapestry 28

The best sized eye of the blunt tipped needles for working with
2mm ribbon.

Price $3.50
Quantity requested    

Chenille Ast 18/24 - Large Package

Same needles as above but more of them..

Price $3.50
Quantity requested    

Fabrics Suitable for Silk Ribbon Embroidery  

Yli Silk Ribbons on Page 1

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