This page is dedicated to samples of my Silk Ribbon Embroidery to start with but I am hoping you will feel free to send in pictures of your work as a show and tell.

I have a lot of work out there in the public on Waldorf style dolls when I was embroidering for my friend Truth the doll maker.  On the samples below I played around with some basic 5-petal flowers created with the ribbon stitch and a french knot for the center.  I also worked french knots to create clusters of wisteria (my favorite flower).

Denim is really hard to embroider with a regular tapestry needle but gold tapestry needles give you better control of where you want the ribbon to go. The best solution to embroidering on denim is to use an awl to make the hole and work your embroidery.

This is a denim chambray shirt, from WalMart, that I had been working on for my daughter (30) who while having outgrown smocking, sniff sniff, has given me permission to embroider for her once again, isn't that nice?  (Ok, only another mother with teenagers would understand.)

The base of the vine for the Wisteria is a whipped running stitch worked in YLI Silk Floss color #86 Spruce.  A whipped running stitch is quick and very easy to do as a base for vines and branches as you can work the running stitch in any shape you like and come back and whip over the stitches to add in depth.  If I had more time I might have used another stitch but since this was supposed to be a quick project I choose the running stitch.  The ribbons used for the Wisteria is YLI Overdyed Ribbon color #004 Purple and the little flowers on the right are from an old Petals ribbon that I had in the bottom of my embroidery basket.   The tones are shades of light aqua and light mauve, very pretty but not available however the shade GR132 Lavender Ice by Gloriana is pretty darn close.

Working with denim is tricky as you may end up bending your tapestry needle with all the tugging since the fabric is so dense.  I solved this problem by working with a Tapestry #24 instead of #26 as it has a bit more substance to it.  If the needle gets stuck trying to go through too many layers I use plyers to pull it out.   The trick is to avoid real thick seams and just aim for embroidering on the body of the shirt or the placket rather than seams.  Also wiggling the needle to make the hole bigger helps as well. <--12/1/14 note - use an awl to make the hole first it will make your embroidery go faster.

Sadly the blouse did not survive when the shop burned down but I am glad the photos survived for your inspiration. :-(

Here is a link to all the Silk Ribbons We Carry

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