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Silk Satin Ribbon - Double Faced in 3 sizes sold by the yard:

4mm (1/8") $1.00 per yard 12mm (1/2") $1.85 per yard 18mm (1 1/2") $2.50 per yard

I found a lovely soft silk satin ribbon years ago on an antique doll's bonnet.  It was so soft and pleasing to the touch that I spent a while hunting down a source for this lovely ribbon and here it is. Lush up your smocking projects by adding  this luxurious ribbon as bonnet ties, woven through beading, your smocking stitches, or whatever your creativity inspires you to do.  Can be painted with silk paints, pigma pens or instant set dyes for ribbon roses and because it's silk this ribbon folds so beautifully and nicely into roses.

Lt. Blue
Colors available in 4mm (1/8") perfect for ribbon weaving in smocking:
White, Ivory, Lilac, Red, Light Blue or Pink $1.00 per yard

4mm Price $1.00 Quantity requested      

12mm (1/2") makes good bonnet ties:
Colors available in 12mm: White, Ivory, Lilac, Maize, Mint Green, Light Blue or Pink

12mm Price $1.85 Quantity requested      

Colors available in 18mm (1 1/2") Sashes:
White, Ivory or Light Blue

18mm Price $2.50 Quantity requested      

Vinyl Binder for Smocking Plate Storage

3 ring Vinyl Binder 6" x 9" perfect for storing your smocking plates and graphs

Price $12.00
Quantity requested    

Vinyl Plate Protectors 10 per pack size 6" x 9" - $8.00 per pack

Price $8.00
Quantity requested    

Vinyl Plate Protectors 10 per pack size 8 1/2" x 11" - $8.00 per pack

Price $8.00
Quantity requested    


Iron-On Transfer Pencil - Blue $3.25

An iron-on transfer pencil for you to copy designs onto your fabric. It's very easy to use. Using a regular sharp pencil, trace out your design onto tracing paper or vellum, turn the paper over and with the iron-on pencil trace over the design. Turn the paper over and place the side with the blue pencil lines onto the fabric and iron the design onto your fabric. Et Voila! Your design is on your fabric ready for embroidery. Can be used about 2-3 times before you need to re-trace the design with the pencil. This is a perfect way to get embroidery designs onto your 'canvas' waiting for your embroidery. One note. We suggest you do a test image on a piece of scrap fabric so you understand how to transfer a design before marking your main fabric. The pencil markings do NOT totally wash out so make certain to completely cover the lines with your embroidery.

Price $3.25
Quantity requested    

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