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Art Print - Golden by Nick Hyde

Original Oil on Canvas 7' x 5'- First National Bank of Chicago Collection

Nick Hyde 'visionary works' have been displayed in galleries and museums on both coasts, from the San Francisco Palace of the Legion of Honor to the Smithsonian Institute, as well as part of a U.S. State Department travelling show to the Orient.   His works have also been published on Sci Fi book covers, several magazine articles & one cover, and was included in a "Visionary Art" book. Several paintings were in print for years.  He is accomplished in the mediums of intricate and detailed pencil drawings and oil paintings, and now (as time goes on) the subtle discipline of simplicity of watercolors is intriguing.

24" x 36" Art Print - Golden by Nick Hyde

Open Edition printed on quality paper. Shipping is included in the price, no other shipping charges will be added.

$25.00 + $10.50 s/h ppd   Quantity 


Colored Pencil on Raven Black Board 32" x 40"
Original $3,500 - ask if you're interested

8 x 10 Photographic Print Matted   $40.00  Quantity 

16 x 20" Photographic Print Matted   $75.00  Quantity 


To see other pieces of Nick's works go to his website:

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